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Release Notes

v1.20.1 2020-01-14
- PHP-4025: display vehicle card list

v1.20.0 2020-01-13
- PHP-4006: Group deletion of users in gdpr context
- PHP-3915: UTC time format on telematic unit/vehicle connection
- PHP-3985: Wrong display error in the Last reported Filter
- PHP-3957: Wrong admission date
- PHP-3995: Different company contact display format
- PHP-3927: Cannot open insurance
- PHP-3932: Add company location filter to booking list
- PHP-3765: Vehicle invoices for TCO
- PHP-3912: Forwarding trip to external email
- PHP-3967: Optional set initial password in new user create form
- PHP-3984: new session handler
- PHP-3978: Add flinkey prototype
- PHP-3941: Manual for mileage adjustment in weekly email
- PHP-4010: Batch commands to OBD plugs
- PHP-4000: gross list price added in vehicle card
- PHP-3998: Group deletion of users in context of pilot projects

v1.19.7 2019-11-26
- PHP-3771: Override blocked rides
- PHP-3782: New menu Telemetry boxes
- PHP-3939: Extra-Check for booking time

v1.19.6 2019-11-22
- PHP-3898: Corrections cards and suppliers
- PHP-3916: possibility to select and copy text in grids
- PHP-3922: Quality list column value colors

v1.19.5 2019-11-21
- PHP-3918: Message while Connecting label
- PHP-3859: Set new POIs for drivers
- PHP-3878: Invisible vehicles for single driver
- PHP-3758: Upload vehicle image

v1.19.4 2019-11-18
- PHP-3914: SyncJob doesn't work
- PHP-3903: OBD Command log: scroll to bottom of list

v1.19.3 2019-11-14
- PHP-3904: display number of mileage adjustments in OBD Quality list
- PHP-3189: update config sso

v1.19.2 2019-11-13
- PHP-3900: Password save button text change
- PHP-3901: Max mileage adjustment set to 20%
- PHP-3902: Display of addresses in Vehicle file
- PHP-3905: Hotfix iButton reader

v1.19.1 2019-11-12
- PHP-3783: Vehicle fields
- PHP-3893: Extra column for CSV export

v1.19.0 2019-11-11
- PHP-3846: add new mileage on connect vehicle
- PHP-3789: Autocomplete emails for connect vehicle view

v1.18.5 2019-11-08
- PHP-3883: Move divisions per drag and drop

v1.18.4 2019-11-07
- PHP-3864: Unlock vehicles over coding
- PHP-3769: iButton switch

v1.18.3 2019-11-04
- PHP-3875: Fleetbook Statistics: Home/Work and family trips.

v1.18.2 2019-10-31
- PHP-3825: Personal number format enforced
- PHP-3790: Dropdown vehicle list from settings connect vehicle view

v1.18.1 2019-10-30
- PHP-3791: Technician page license plate format
- PHP-3864: Unlock vehicles over coding
- PHP-3854: report sms function for OBD
- PHP-3857: e-scooter better supported
- PHP-3795: display of archived vehicles in division management

v1.18.0 2019-10-29
- PHP-3824: Display satellite quality
- PHP-3847: Set tracking points to Workstate 2 before connecting new vehicle
- PHP-3817: Improvement of the hybrid vehicle support
- PHP-3858: save km value on disconnect plug

v1.17.5 2019-10-25
- PHP-3861: Send Notification 5 days before the end of month and every Monday

v1.17.4 2019-10-24
- PHP-3828: Bug fixed copy several times to clipboard
- PHP-3787: show number of mileage adjustments for obd quality

v1.17.3 2019-10-23
- PHP-3848: Division management tree: Display only upper accessible divisions

v1.17.2 2019-10-16
- PHP-3835: Maximal deviation for mileage adjustment set to 10%

v1.17.1 2019-10-10
- PHP-3815: complex booking: accept suggestions for cost-center

v1.17.0 2019-10-08
- PHP 3123: Mileagechange function locked for OBD
- PHP-3793: Cron-job orchestration

v1.16.2 2019-10-02
- PHP-3786: Send an E-Mail to the management after an OBD plug was built into a vehicle or disconnected.
- PHP-3275: display vehicles with unknown drivers in position list
- PHP-3743: Cost center PDF Export
- PHP-3742: Complex booking cost center dropdown
- PHP 2741: time license check email

v1.16.1 2019-09-30
- PHP-3778: CARSYNC GmbH wording

v1.16.0 2019-09-30
- PHP-3734: Pools edit columns in user management
- PHP-3729: Copy columns without editing
- PHP-3600: Create vehicle with GPS status
- PHP-3514: At least 3 letters for Vehicle Appointment´s title
- PHP-3369: Updating the Comment and Type for Vehicle Document
- PHP-3690: New user create page
- PHP-3622: Codec8 extended & Codec12 Parser implemented

v1.15.7 2019-09-12
- PHP-3740: When divided, Family-Home trips and Home-Office trips are converted to private trips.
- PHP-3733: CSV export solution for a proprietary system

v1.15.6 2019-09-11
- PHP-3642: optimise booking list loading time
- PHP-3691: open trip for unknown driver

v1.15.5 2019-09-09
- PHP-3730: Booking: view authoritization

v1.15.4 2019-09-06
- PHP-3731: Company name changed to CARSYNC GmbH

v1.15.3 2019-09-05
- PHP-3676: POI repair mechanism after failed import
- PHP-3695: weekly manager report updated to notificator process
- PHP-3722: warning on overlapping bookings

v1.15.2 2019-09-04
- PHP-3724: Bugfix Mixed trip kilometer Formatter
- PHP-3707: Bugfix prevent space as a data for Mandatory fields

v1.15.1 2019-09-03
- PHP-3135: Fixed a work home trips check

v1.15.0 2019-08-28
- PHP-3689: Connecting vehicle division fixed
- PHP-3428: Show popup message for uploading duplicate vehicle's damage images

v1.14.8 2019-08-20
- PHP-2924: Input of the Ps is taken by Kw
- PHP-3564: IP protection for API
- PHP-3711: Fixed Unknown Driver trip closing issue

v1.14.7 2019-08-19
- PHP-3696: Overlapping button on ibutton connect view

v1.14.6 2019-08-15
- PHP-3702: Worker correcting trips poi

v1.14.5 2019-08-12
- PHP-3135: One time family trip per week

v1.14.4 2019-08-08
- PHP-3278: Disconnect OBD improvement
- PHP-3601: First OBD trip tick creation

v1.14.3 2019-08-01
- PHP-3596: Address improvements in reverse geocoding
- PHP-3694: On connect view user not found
- PHP-3601: Appointment list error when updating
- PHP-3635: Fixing FM overview mail

v1.14.2 2019-07-31
- PHP-3670: Pick dismount time when disconnecting
- PHP-3278: Force disconnect vehicle

v1.14.1 2019-07-29
- PHP-3676: POIs are entered incorrectly
- PHP-3612: create vehicvle: "iButton" error hotfix

v1.14.0 2019-07-26
- PHP-3612: Manage iButton (Connect and Disconnect)

V1.13.3 2019-07-25
- PHP-3569: Bugfix Complex Booking reason

v1.13.2 2019-07-24
- PHP-3674: System jobs
- PHP-3669: Can't get available vehicles from booking

v1.13.1 2019-07-22
- PHP-3639: Optimizing Booking calendar query
- PHP-3641: In Travel API number of companions cannot be NULL
- PHP-3621: Empty grid template after each update

v1.13.0 2019-07-18
- PHP-3633: Fixing CSV import script - Folder structure
- PHP-3553: Bugfix New timefence problem
- PHP-3495: Extending user API
- PHP-3484: FaceTime driver license control
- PHP-3516: 1:1-vehicle error message handling
- PHP-3590: Bugfix vehicle appointments
- PHP-3546: Only Admin only can see the Trash Btn
- PHP-3185: Ignore Stakeout in FZG list for OBD

v1.12.6 2019-07-15
- PHP-3567: Small translation fix

V1.12.5 2019-07-09
- PHP-3586: Bugfix missing vehicle created at

V1.12.4 2019-07-05
- PHP-3494: Bugfix in Data privacy display

V1.12.3 2019-07-01
- PHP-3585: Fixing licence list display bugs

V1.12.2 2019-06-18
- PHP-3564: Updated IP range

V1.12.1 2019-06-17
- PHP-3564: Updated IP range
- PHP-3565: Bugfix password outdated

V1.12.0 2019-06-10
- PHP-3192: Add more exports to booking

V1.11.2 2019-06-05
- PHP-3552: Better error display in connect and disconnect vehicle page

V1.11.1 2019-05-29
- PHP-3550: Delete old data, changed to just delete processed data, so that damaged data still can be repaired

V1.11.0 2019-05-28
- PHP-3181: Show driver name in the booking calendar given enough space
- PHP-3494: Custom data privacy content
- PHP-3191: Booking export: column "reason" added
- PHP-3190: Always reveal mandatory fields in booking
- PHP-3216: show info about commercial stickers in vehicle file
- PHP-3193: Create setting to only display working hours in the booking calendar
- PHP-3183: Allow setting a cost center in the extended booking
- PHP-3184: Make costcenter available in booking export

V1.10.7 2019-05-21
- PHP-3515: vin right integration fail
- PHP-3534: OBD Mileage adjustment handle error message

V1.10.6 2019-05-17
- PHP-3356: Code type in export users list
- PHP-3390: Text in Absteck-EMail changed

V1.10.5 2019-05-13
- PHP-3459: OBD-Plugs: Display of merge trips optimized

V1.10.4 2019-05-07
- PHP-3276: OBD-Plugs: Don't transfer trips shorter than 50 meters

V1.10.3 2019-05-06
- PHP-3496: Pool management problem, division, user and licenseplate fixed
- PHP-3492: Vehicle image, Damage image and Damage doc
- PHP-3171: "Kazakhstan Bug" solved.

V1.10.2 2019-05-03
- PHP-3503: Don't generate mail, when text message can't be delivered

V1.10.1 2019-05-02
- PHP-3455: Booking travel license plate
- PHP-3469: New right to require vin while connecting or disconnecting vehicle
- PHP-3468: Geofences creation fix

V1.10.0 2019-04-30
- PHP-3386: Send escalation mail on different weekdays
- PHP-3477: Updated IP range

V1.9.1 2019-04-24
- PHP-3457: Delete vehicle's document
- PHP-3247: Disable forwarding trips after 7 days

V1.9.0 2019-04-15
- PHP-2915: Terms of use system extended
- PHP-3387: Personal number in registration

V1.8.2 2019-04-11
- PHP-3463: Bugfix: license plate not showing in keyvault pages

V1.8.1 2019-04-05
- PHP-3450: Datetime formatter bug
- PHP-3451: Missing driver id while changing trip type
- PHP-3453: Bugfix document list in vehicle list

V1.8.0 2019-04-04
- PHP-2825: Manuel change mileage
- PHP-3395: Require VIN on connect and disconnect view vehicle
- PHP-3331: Rewriting grid formatters xss patch
- PHP-3403: SMS provider new API
- PHP-2585: Trip recognition improved
- PHP-3332: jQuery-refactoring (security)

V1.7.6 2019-04-04:
- PHP-3325: Bugfix: Fixed undefined months in statistics
- PHP-3425: Improvement of the SOAP-API

V1.7.5 2019-04-03
- PHP-3427: Bugfix: Number of result for Damage-Filter in vehicle list corrected

V1.7.4 2019-04-02
- PHP-3438: Bugfix: limitation of the number of offered vehicles in the booking

V1.7.3 2019-03-28
- PHP-3402: ID-Link with blue usb stick for driver ID via card
- PHP-3406: Bugfix for very large POIs

V1.7.2 2019-03-25
- PHP-3311: Extension of the license plate display

V1.7.1 2019-03-19
- PHP-3381: Bugfix: document in vehicle's list does not open

V1.7.0 2019-03-14
- PHP-3328: Security reinforced
- PHP-3388: Add VIN filter for TripInvoice API

V1.6.3 2019-03-07
- PHP-3373: KeyVault Items grid - Items ordered by: Company->Vault->VaultItem

V1.6.2 2019-02-28
- PHP-3380: BugFix: Displaying error privacy mode
- PHP-3310: Support of the new black RFID-label reader

V1.6.1 2019-02-27
- PHP-3378: BugFix: Deactivate privacy mode
- PHP-3259: connect obd require mileage for new vehicles

V1.6.0 2019-02-26
- PHP-3224: Reject booking if key is not picked up after some time
- PHP-3223: Vehicle appointment list
- PHP-2817: Upload damage document for vehicle
- PHP-3367: Move i18n Files to repo
- PHP-2814: Vehicle Management: Create vehicle with or without logbox

V1.5.4 2019-02-22
- PHP-3365: Change time close delay interpretation in the tripinvoice API

V1.5.3 2019-02-21
- PHP-3288: POI ("Georeasons") on vehicles

V1.5.2 2019-02-20
- PHP-3337: new text for rejected email
- PHP-3230: improvement time selection in booking formular

V1.5.1 2019-02-14
- PHP-3323: 3 IPs added for tripinvoice API

V1.5.0 2019-02-07
- PHP-3281: Release notes created
- PHP-3245: Remove calculation in single driver profile page
- PHP-3282: Expand key vault functions (active flag)
- PHP-3114: BugFix Km-adjustment
- PHP-3137: Changes to the lending API
- PHP-2868: Notification for mileage change adjustment
- PHP-3116: Error code common_end_time_mandatory added